Featured Partner: Bram Bessoff, IndieHitMaker.com


“Am I my brother’s keeper?” It may be one of the oldest recorded questions. We’ve all heard it said to us in passing or directly over our lives in varying context. But, very few of us internalize it and then act on it. One of those few people happens to be Bram Bessoff, Founder & President of Indiehitmaker.com.

Indiehitmaker.com helps artists & labels focus on the most important aspects of creating a successful career in the music industry. Bram’s passion for ensuring artists make their music count answers that age-old question ‘Am I my brother’s keeper’ with a resounding, “Yes. I am.”

Bram coaching Live Performers

Bram Bessoff has dedicated himself to improving the Atlanta Music Ecosystem from several different angles that baffles the mind as to how he could be so giving and involved with the betterment of an entire state’s entertainment industry and still maintain a family of his own. Bram’s Indiehitmaker platform alone has changed the lives of many artists both here in Atlanta and abroad; giving artists a platform to advance their skills as creators, performers, and business owners.

Cappriccieo Scates, Laronda Sutton, & Bram Bessoff

In speaking with Bram, you will understand immediately that his own experiences as a musician in the past and present, have greatly affected his dedication to the artists on his platform. Bram will tell anyone, “If I don’t set an example for what Georgia is capable of, then no one else will.” Bram’s words are actionable. His involvement with Get Connected, Georgia’s Dept. of Entertainment, Backstage Economic Alliance, SAE, and The Labz board member just begins to paint a picture of his dedication to the music community.

Bram Bessoff & Former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

Like Bram and his Indiehitmaker platform, The Labz is extremely invested in making sure creatives of all types are supported, and their IP protected. With our goals for the music community being the same, The Labz takes pride in our partnership with Indiehitmaker. This partnership will provide our users with the access to the amazing suite of tools assisting in sales reporting, release planning, fan engagement, and artist development. By being a part of Indiehitmakers’ Dropkick 12-Step Release Plan, we will be able to provide artists an opportunity to streamline the creation process and provide security for their content right into releasing music from our platform.

With our dedication to the music community, our customers will be able to make music with out an ounce of doubt from beginning to end; holding to our goal to give artists the freedom to make music fearlessly. Get more information at IndieHitMaker.com

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