The LABZ Listed As Atlanta Inno’s #50onFire

A Message From Our CEO: What’s Ahead For 2019!

Happy New Year! It’s Farah Allen, CEO and Founder of The LABZ. As I reflect back on 2018, we developed The LABZ as a collaboration tool in an effort to protect, automate ownership and make the process of collaboration and … Read More

A3C Attendees Will Be The First To Experiment With “The LABZ”

Atlanta artists and musicians attending the A3C Music Festival and Conference will be the first in the world to beta test The LABZ, a new music collaboration and asset management platform that allows users to create and share music while protecting their ownership rights, thanks to the power of blockchain technology. … Read More


Featured Partner: Bram Bessoff,

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” It may be one of the oldest recorded questions. We’ve all heard it said to us in passing or directly over our lives in varying context. But, very few of us internalize it and then … Read More